Casino advertising investigation

The Israeli police raided the offices of Walla! Communications LTD and Sportsline, on charges of advertising prohibited gambling casinos. This is part of a move on the part of the Chief Justice and the Cabinet Legal Council to wipe out illegal gambling in completely and especially illegal gambling on the internet. reports that earlier this morning the police searched the offices of Walla! Communications LTD and Sportsline, two popular Israeli portals earlier this morning, on grounds that the sites had illegally advertised online casinos, prohibited under law in Israel. The investigators came with the purpose of collecting evidence of these activities. Walla! Communications LTD and Sportsline are accused of advertising illegal gambling establishments in the banners on their sites. In Israel, any form of gambling is prohibited, except government sanctioned gambling in the form of the lottery or sports bets. Among the casinos that have allegedly been advertised on the sites are “BeTheDealer Casino”,”Stan James”, and “King Solomon’s Casino”. According to Walla, the site has no business, technological or any other affiliation with any of the aforesaid online casinos.
It all started last October, with the police’s announcement that it would crack down on illegal gambling in Israel, while concentrating mainly on the online sector. There are many online gambling firms operating today in Israel, with the media taking great interest in acquisitions and relations between them. In truth, the online gambling companies utilize a loophole in the law which prohibits companies in dealing in gambling on Israeli soil. However, companies that are based abroad can advertise freely. On the other hand, the Justice Department’s position is that gambling and organizing games of chance and advertising them are prohibited according the section 24 of the penal code. It remains to be seen what the results of the tightening of the regulations will produce.…

Online Casinos Owner runs for Public Office

Avi Shaked, the esteemed owner of the world’s largest online casinos, Casino 888, is considering running for public office. This is due to the change in the political atmosphere over the past few months in the country. With the elections coming up, Shaked is only one of a number of new faces turning up in the political pages.
Shaked previously made a name for himself when, together with his brother Aaron, when Casino on Net, owner of the largest online casino in the world, Casino 888 went public. As a result of the emission, each of the brothers made over 90 million dollars and were left with holdings of over 250 million dollars in the company.
Running under the slogan “Proud Socialist Millionaire” Shaked promises far reaching reforms that promise to affect each and every citizen in the country. Among the things he intends to do is minimizing the unemployment rate, raising minimum wage and effectively ending the deep recession Israel is now undergoing. While there are some skeptics who say that Shaked has been away from the common people far too long to know what their needs are, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind of the determination Shaked brought to9 the world of online casinos will be brought to the political world.…

Illegal Online Casino Gambling on the Rise in Israel

Online Casino Gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes all over the world, where it is legal. However, a disturbing phenomenon that has sprouted over the past few years is that many people play in the online casinos even in countries where it is prohibited by law. Such a country of contradiction is Israel, where gambling is against the law, but at the same time, the total profits of the online casinos were estimated at more than 125 million dollars. 10% of the gamblers are minors.
This growth of online casino gambling, in such sites as has caused some consternation in among the legal community. The fear is that as people gamble more and more, many of the problems that are associated with gambling will begin to surface. Among them are gambling by minors, compulsive gambling and money laundering. While all these things have existed in Israel before, the authorities are worried that as more and more people gamble in the online casinos, these issues will become at the forefront of the nation’s problems.
So pronounced has the problem become, that the Ministry of Justice, in conjunction with the police, have all but declared war on the online casinos. In a meeting between the Chief Justice and the Police Head of Intelligence it was decided to begin firm and decisive moves against illegal gambling in Israel. Their first target will be the advertisers, banning all advertisements that encourage people to gamble. Next in line are the credit card companies, warning them with fines and other disciplinary actions should they finance any online gambling.
While it is good and right to enforce laws that prohibit online gambling. It should be reasoned that in the online age, many countries will not be able to close themselves off for long against the influx of the online casinos. Indeed, as more and more people play, so will they begin to demand from their legislators the right to do so, as in their foreign counterparts. Perhaps, and most importantly, the responsibility should lie with the casinos themselves, and with the authorities’ enforcement of them to restrict gambling to adults only. Some, such as have already begun to impose background checks and credit checks in order to ensure that the person that is gambling is of legal age.…

Win Goals For Your Gambling Experience

What is a win goal? In simplest terms, a win goal is the realistic expectation of a certain win amount, based on the potential of available wins relative to the bankroll allowed, session stake allocated, expertise at the game, plus time at the game. This simple formula will equal your end-result profitability, in winning situations, and end-result saving of money that would have been lost in negative situations.
For example, most gamblers will say that a 2 percent win goal over and above the session stake is a very great achievement. The casino, for example, has a win goal of around 2 percent for most blackjack games, and an average of about 20 percent over all the table games they offer. Some games will make them even more money because people will play them badly. Although basic blackjack, for example, can be played to less than 0.5 percent casino advantage, most players will play the game so badly that the casinos actually yield anywhere from 2 percent to 6 percent, and often even more, on a game which can actually yield a player advantage if played properly and with skill.
For many of the games in the casino, the average expectation is from around 15 percent to perhaps 28 percent, depending on the casino, where it is located, and what the competition is like. In Las Vegas, the casinos mostly count on around 15 percent as their average win goal for all of these games. The difference between the casino and the player is that the casino can easily have a much lower win goal, because their doors are open “24/7/365.” Their games make money all the time, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, without ever needing a rest or a break. You, the player, can’t play like that. Gamblers in general must have win goals not only commensurate with their bankroll, session stakes, and so on but also with the realization that their exposure to the game will only be a very short slice of the game’s overall event reality. Therefore, such win goals cannot, and should not, be measured in percentages relative to the way the casinos figure their own odds and win goals. Rather, your win goals should be measured in terms of what the game can yield, especially if played correctly. It is also important at this point to introduce a derivative of the win goal criterion, called the win expectation.
The win goal is what you have set as your desired objective. The win expectation, however, is based within the reality of the game itself and, most specifically, in that very short-term slice of that one specific game’s event experience. The point is that throughout your casino visit, no playing session is ever independent of your other sessions. All your playing sessions are combined to reveal, in the end as you go home, the entire block of all sessions. Whatever results you have achieved at that point determine your average per session win expectation percentage, and your win goal achievement levels. You can use this information to reflect on how well you played, and to modify your goals and expectations for future visits. But you must take everything into account, even the value of all the additions you have earned, such as comps and freebies, and club points. All of this combines to affect your goals, expectations, and final relative results.…