Illegal Online Casino Gambling on the Rise in Israel

Online Casino Gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes all over the world, where it is legal. However, a disturbing phenomenon that has sprouted over the past few years is that many people play in the online casinos even in countries where it is prohibited by law. Such a country of contradiction is Israel, where gambling is against the law, but at the same time, the total profits of the online casinos were estimated at more than 125 million dollars. 10% of the gamblers are minors.
This growth of online casino gambling, in such sites as has caused some consternation in among the legal community. The fear is that as people gamble more and more, many of the problems that are associated with gambling will begin to surface. Among them are gambling by minors, compulsive gambling and money laundering. While all these things have existed in Israel before, the authorities are worried that as more and more people gamble in the online casinos, these issues will become at the forefront of the nation’s problems.
So pronounced has the problem become, that the Ministry of Justice, in conjunction with the police, have all but declared war on the online casinos. In a meeting between the Chief Justice and the Police Head of Intelligence it was decided to begin firm and decisive moves against illegal gambling in Israel. Their first target will be the advertisers, banning all advertisements that encourage people to gamble. Next in line are the credit card companies, warning them with fines and other disciplinary actions should they finance any online gambling.
While it is good and right to enforce laws that prohibit online gambling. It should be reasoned that in the online age, many countries will not be able to close themselves off for long against the influx of the online casinos. Indeed, as more and more people play, so will they begin to demand from their legislators the right to do so, as in their foreign counterparts. Perhaps, and most importantly, the responsibility should lie with the casinos themselves, and with the authorities’ enforcement of them to restrict gambling to adults only. Some, such as have already begun to impose background checks and credit checks in order to ensure that the person that is gambling is of legal age.

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