Online Casinos Owner runs for Public Office

Avi Shaked, the esteemed owner of the world’s largest online casinos, Casino 888, is considering running for public office. This is due to the change in the political atmosphere over the past few months in the country. With the elections coming up, Shaked is only one of a number of new faces turning up in the political pages.
Shaked previously made a name for himself when, together with his brother Aaron, when Casino on Net, owner of the largest online casino in the world, Casino 888 went public. As a result of the emission, each of the brothers made over 90 million dollars and were left with holdings of over 250 million dollars in the company.
Running under the slogan “Proud Socialist Millionaire” Shaked promises far reaching reforms that promise to affect each and every citizen in the country. Among the things he intends to do is minimizing the unemployment rate, raising minimum wage and effectively ending the deep recession Israel is now undergoing. While there are some skeptics who say that Shaked has been away from the common people far too long to know what their needs are, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind of the determination Shaked brought to9 the world of online casinos will be brought to the political world.

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